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Tutorial: Flower crown.

June 3, 2014

So summer is here, and so is concert season! Flower crowns are perfect pretty headpieces for any type of hair, and especially with summer dresses and flowy tops. I wanted to make one to wear in a picture I made for Stu’s shadowbox for his birthday. I’ve been seeing them around a lot lately, and I think Lana Del Rey has something to do with that.  It was super easy and not too time consuming!


Difficulty: Medium-hard, but not too time consuming.
✿Time: 30 minutes
✿What you need: silk flowers, wire cutters, floral tape, floral wire
1. Materials wise you can use any types of flowers that you want! I chose more petite flowers because it fit better with the look I was going for, but if you want to do a more dramatic look I would suggest using some larger flowers like roses or peonies!
2. Your first step is going to be measuring your head with the floral wire. Just wrap it around your head as loose or as tight as you want, and secure with a twist.
3. Next, cover your wire with green floral tape. You want to do it in a downwards, sideways twist. This is surprisingly easier said than done. Taping wire with floral tape well is something that comes with lots of practice-but if yours isn’t perfectly tight don’t fret since most of the headband will be covered with flowers anyway.
4. Now you’re going to prepare your flowers. Take a piece of your wire and push it through the very top of the flower near the petals. Fold one side of the wire down, and twirl the other side around the stem leaving at least an inch of wire coming off of the stem. Wrap each stem with floral tape just like you did with the wire circle.
5. Take the one inch of wire and twist it around your wire circle. Secure with more wire. Continue this process with all of your flowers. This will be your most time consuming part! Once you get all your flowers attached, you may notice your crown feels flimsy. If you want it stronger, just secure the flowers more by weaving more floral wire in between them. Finish the whole thing by covering any exposed wire with floral tape. And you’re done! :)
If you do end up making any floral crowns, show me pictures! I would love to see them. What flowers will you use? Where will you wear yours? :)
P.S.-Sorry about the horrible photo quality..someday I’ve have an amazing photographer to take my photos!
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