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It’s been a while. . .

September 5, 2013


The past year was packed for me-it was my senior year after all-so I was busy with so much that I somehow didn’t have time to jump on the computer and make a few posts. But this new life of being graduated, eighteen, in College, (!!!) and more independent gives me more free time to do more of what I l o v e. .like making more posts on SCK!

Here’s a little re-cap:

It’s safe to say Senior year wasn’t all that they say it’s cracked up to be. Here’s the worst highlights that ruined the year; I got betrayed by my best friends, cheated on, and had lots of issues with my school’s administration. That probably happens to every girl in high school, but it was very life-changing.


I dropped those friends and surrounded myself with genuine people who truly care about me, which made me a way happier person in general. Also, after going through that rough patch with my boyfriend we were able to improve our relationship in ways that I never thought was possible! We are now living together very much in love & happy, and stronger than ever. On top of that, even with constant harassment and several too many trips to the principals office, I managed to graduate from Conifer High School. I’m now continuing my education at Front Range Community College majoring in Business, but for now I’m studying Western Civilizations, AP English, Children’s Literature, and Floral Design. I’ve moved out and started a life of my own! :) Lots has changed, (and I have faced more problems than ever before in my life!) but from it all I have gained lots more knowledge and wisdom. I’m happier, older, and starting over, (I also have 10x more free time!) so  I can’t wait to start creating & sharing more on Sparklecupcakekitten !

I’ve re-vamped the site a little, but I write the posts and add pictures on my laptop so I apologize for a glitches or if anything looks different on your mobile phone. The option to view SCK’s standard non-mobile version is available for most iPhones & Androids at the bottom of your screen. Bye for now! (:

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  1. Lois Perry permalink
    September 8, 2013 5:31 pm

    So pleased you are so happy these days. Fearful you are saying all this where anyone can read it. Please be careful. There are so many creeps in the world and they target the young and innocent. Many prayers. Love you, Grandma

  2. Kristy permalink
    March 3, 2014 12:01 pm

    Why don’t you post anymore?? I love this blog but there’s never anything new :( it’s too cute to stop posting! :)

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