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Tutorial: How to do a pretty blowout with your straightner.

June 5, 2014

I have fairly long hair so it’s hard to do a blowout with a round brush since I have more hair than the brush can hold. I’ve had it done pr0fessionally done before so I know it’s possible, but it took a good 25 minutes for the lady to get it perfect. I’ve figured out a way to do it in less than 15 minutes, without a hair dryer! And it’s super easy and will look good on all lengths of hair. If you do this method it will also give your hair a lot of volume and body :)

So for this tutorial you will need your straightener obviously, some hair ties, some bobby pins, hairspray (I prefer flexible hold), a heat protectant, and split end spray.

Your first step is going to be to prep your hair. You want to start with clean, dry hair. Spray the heat protectant all over, and spritz the split end sealer on your ends. This part is  important because you don’t want the styling products to make your hair dry and less silky when you’re done, and you will be focusing a lot on the ends. Next, part your hair and separate it into sections. I do my bottom layer first, and pin the rest of  my hair back.

Next, take a one inch section of hair and lightly & carefully tease the root at the base of your head. If you have very heavy and thick hair you may want to skip this part.

Take your one inch section of hair and run your straightener through it,  turning it towards you VERY slowly so your hair forms a curl at the tip. While your hair is still hot, wrap it into a circle and pin it in place. The tighter the loop the tighter the wave.

Steps seven and eight are just to show you how your ends should look when you curl the bottom of them. Step nine is what you will look like with all the loops pinned up. You can get dressed or do your makeup while you let your hair cool and set. After a little while just carefully take out the bobby pins and run your fingers through your hair. Flip your hair over your head and spray it with hairspray, then flip it to the front and spray again. Then you’re done! :)

This look is super pretty and natural looking. I wear my hair like this most days because it doesn’t take as much time as curling it, but it still has lots of volume. I like to pull my hair back into a ponytail for work when it’s like this too, because it really shows the ends off nicely. Let me know if you try this and if you have any questions! :)

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