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Another sleepless night, almost a year later.

July 4, 2012

…but don’t use your freedom to light fireworks please! Keep praying for the fires in Colorado, and maybe more rain will come :) Ever since those Kittredge fires, fire has become a big fear of mine. I might secretly (and safely) light some sparklers to celebrate though! After all, after many sleepless nights over the past year  (    &  and 80 posts later,  sparklecupcakekitten is almost a year old now! (: That’s something to celebrate too I think. Stay tuned for the 1 Year post! (:

Anyway, I can’t sleep for some stupid reason.

Tomorrow is the fourth of July, the busiest day of the year at work apparently, and I have to be there at 11 in the morning. That doesn’t sound early, especially when I’d wake up at 4 everyday for school, but when you babysit till 7 AM and work till 10:30, it’s pretty damn early. It’s starting to become worth it though, my “Car fund” jar is getting fuller and fuller every day I work. I can’t wait till I can be driving in my own car! It’s going to be the best feeling ever because it’s something I’ve earned all on my own, and something I have worked my ass off for.

I think a lot at work about how most people get everything handed to them. They don’t have to save up for clothes, books, gas, or their own car. It’s frustrating as hell, but it makes me appreciate what I have and what I’ve worked for. Things will be slowing down soon hopefully and I will be able to start enjoying my summer. I’ll start working on a post (they take a while) tonight for you kittens, and probably regret it in the morning when I have to drink 4 cups of coffee to get through the day ;)


If you like reading.

June 25, 2012

Summer is the best time to read because you have so much free time! You don’t have to study textbooks or anything, soo you can read whatever you want! I love reading because it’s like going into a different world for a little world which is nice if you don’t want to pay attention to your own life for a little while. Reading is nice because you can do it pretty much anytime– late at night, or babysitting, or even when you’re just somewhere waiting. The best is when you can find a book that you don’t want to stop reading, that you want to take everywhere, and that keeps you up till 3 AM reading. Most of the books below are ones like that (: I prefer to buy the littler versions of books, like the $8.99 paperbacks because they’re easier to hold and carry around. Hardbacks are annoying to me, and I like turning the pages so I’m not a fan of Nooks or Kindles. Having a book collection is cool too, cause you can go back and re-read your favorite parts whenever you want! My favorite author is Nicholas Sparks, so that’s why 90% of my recommendations are his books. However, there are other great authors out there so if you’ve read an awesome book then feel free to share them with me! If you think reading isboring, you’re doing it wrong. (:

Here are some of my favorite books, they’re definitely worth reading!



What you should do this summer.

June 23, 2012
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{80 ideas} …Make your own popsicles, get a tan, kiss someone! Eat a watermelon, walk around without shoes, wear mascara..and only mascara! Write a pretty letter –>, braid your friend’s hair, paint your room! Give yourself a perfect pedi then buy some new sandals! Do a truth is/reason why I like you status on facebook, highlight your hair with lemon juice&the sun, go to barnes&noble and buy a new book! Start a journal –>, make scones for breakfast, take your dog on a long walk! Watch The Last Song, buy a flowy maxi dress, go shopping for someone! Make hemp bracelets, hot tub at night, read a magazine at the pool. Jump into a lake, camp in a tent, go canoeing. Try Nella’s frozen yogurt –>, make a build a bear, hackey sack!  Go to a concert,  start a workout routine,  go thrifting. Get a summer job,  wear cut off shorts, barbecue. Buy a flowery body scrub, go to a Trading Post. Drive somewhere new, go to every party you’re invited to,  make a summer playlist cd for your car, buy something for your room. Buy a smoothie blender and a big–cute beach towel to tan on. Wander around big air conditioned stores like Target & Nortdstrom. Start a blog, make an 8track –>, talk to someone on the phone. Volunteer at a shelter (b a b y  kittens!!), go fishing, organize your whole room. Eat dinner outside,drink bottle soda,  see your grandparents, plant flowers, try a hair mask. Graffiti something beautiful, get a new piercing, listen to Country music. Have a bonfire (burn your old school books/papers), do SCK’s tutorials! –>, surprise someone with a card, shop at an outdoor mall. Collect bracelets, take a picture everyday, vacuum your whole house. Grow your hair long, or cut it short! Start a twitter, buy a henna tattoo kit, have a yard sale of all your old stuff. Get better handwriting, befriend your enemy, never waste a day. Truly be yourself with your best friend— & live like summer ends tomorrow. have fun SCkittens! (:

Cause it really is the little things.

June 16, 2012

(I’ll apologize in advance for the lack of color and pictures in this post, I hope it doesn’t make it too dry to read! If I added more I’m sure my computer would blow up from overcapacity on this post…)

If I could explain my life right now it would be a big mix of me complaining, but also ranting about how good things are going. It’s okay to do that sometimes though, as long as you makes the bad complaint follow with something positive, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do. The reason why SCK posts have basically gone extinct lately is because I have been working my ass off babysitting every night from midnight  to the crack of dawn, then running around Beaujo’s the whole rest of the day. Needless to say, I’m usually almost always tired now, and my free time is more precious to me now than ever before. That’s why it really is the little things that are making me happy now, and making everything worthwhile. I miss my friends like crazy, because our schedules never match up and missing out on fun things for other priorities definitely isn’t the best feeling ever. Making sacrifices like that though make me able to be able to afford things on my own instead of relying on others, (which is embarrassing, and not self-satisfying) and eventually being able to buy a car on my own. But I know, well hope,  this busy complicated part of my life will slow down a bit later, but until then I am thankful for those little things that keep me going like spending time with people I love and making new memories in places that remind me of old ones. They brighten my day more than they know, so here’s a little section for them. It’s weird that such a little amount of time with people you care about goes such a long way!  :)

Planting flowers, working on the yard, eating milkshakes, playing with the kittens, and watching the full season of Teen Mom are the best things I’ve done with my mom so far this summer. Its reminded me that she’s the sweetest person alive, and could never be mean to anyone. The best things she said to me when we were hanging out is that she puts me & my sister first with everything,  it’s such a special feeling to be told that!

I don’t see my dad alot lately, or not really since Thanksgiving last year. Honestly it depresses me a little, but it also shows how being away from him makes me love him more. It’s something I need to appreciate more that I have a hardworking and committed father, who does alot to keep his kids secure. The little things with him are the loving good night texts every now and then, and the help he gives our family. Mostly though, it was finally having some time with him at my Prom dinner and seeing him shake my boyfriend’s hand. Yep, that has me smiling every time I think about it! :)

My sister has been gone in Florida for the past two weeks, but it’s made me realize  that as much as I’ve loved being more independent while she’s gone, I hate being away from her. It’s nice having a twin to talk to and understand everything on a different level than others do! Laying on her bed, seeing her do her makeup, or watching her show me what she bought at the mall are all things I didn’t think I would miss as much as I kinda do now- even though it’s only been two weeks, lol. I appreciate the random phone calls we have now and then catching up on little things now though, because there’s nothing that compares to talking to someone who understands you so well. So little things like phone calls with her and spare time with my mom have made me happy for the past few weeks. It’s also just seeing my boyfriend every now and then, more often than my friends too-which I never thought would happen :)

It really is the little things with him like having a guy nice enough to care alot when I’m bummed & sometimes scared to sleep,  to tell me to have a good day before I walk into work, and to kiss me at all the right moments..that keep me smiling. Spending my time at work  looking forward to seeing someone that will make the day sunnier helps it go by a little faster too. But, I think the biggest smallest thing is being able to be excited to tell my friends lots of good things about him & I now-because really, all those “lots of good things” are actually all lots of the little things that keep me happy. :)

Seeing friends is a big part too, even though I haven’t done much of that yet. Knowing that they miss me too and constantly make an effort to show it though makes me love them even more, since I’ve had to basically neglect them so far. A little thing to appreciate is having friends I thought I wouldn’t have had this long. Even if things aren’t how they used to be, it’s comforting to be able to stay in touch with those who once, and still, mean(t) so much, even if they’re miles away! Being able to just say hi, or rant about random problems to someone who will always reply is something to definetly be thankful for! Also something little like getting texts from my friends,  from my ‘meatball’ (long story),Scott, and K@ biddle who just ask how I’m doing or to tell me the latest stuff going on in  life make me feel like I’m still important to them. The best of all though is being remembered on a vacation where friends like Alibear, bee, & kayla go to forget everything at home-but miss you and send you a postcard  and get you a souvenir or something anyway:) 

Seeing Bee again made me feel like I was back in the old routine though. Riding around in her jeep shuffling through music on the radio while going on adventures as small as ordering java chillers from Sonic are all the my favorite little things with her. We always get excited to go share our order of orange chicken at Golden Stix, then go to bed really late but end up staying up even later talking about nonsense while laughing at silly memes and  cute kitten videos. Also the feeling of kind of being a part of the ideal ‘perfect’ family tome makes me happy, because it’s something I won’t have for a while. Little favors like being taken out to eat, or even having someone help me get my prom dress mean more to me than they would to someone who experiences that all the time. Most people wouldn’t love things like that I don’t think, but in a weird way they make me feel like im home. Without experiences like that I think I’d get that feeling where you’re homesick-even though you’re at home. (But that feeling is probably only something Kayla would understand, because it doesn’t make much sense when put into words.)

Anyway though, I’m saying don’t let something like having a shitty job make you realize that there are a million things to love about your life. Like Taylor Swift said “Take pictures in your mind of your childhood room” or whatever, because she’s right. Enjoy small stuff like that when you can, because it means more, if you make an effort to appreciate it with all your heart. Tonight mine’s as little as being excited that I can write this blog post a since it’s the last hour of my day off, (even though I might be too tired to write this haha, so excuse any errors! (; *) Working is shitty, but it makes me love the people around me, ( and writing these posts!)  even more. :)

for some more little things to love:

And look forward to the upcoming “summer love”,  tutorial, and a few other posts  later this summer!

*i think this is officially the longest post written..

How to do really good in a job interview.

May 12, 2012
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I noticed a lot of people are stating to get jobs, or posting about how they are planning to go in for their interview for one..aaand summer job season is coming up. I had no idea what to do when I had to go in for mine, I didn’t know what to expect or what to say. So now that I’ve gone through two forty minute interviews, and earned my job at Beaujo’s. I  think after doing it myself,  I can help you figure out everything so you can do your best at your interview!

1. Dress appropriate.

No sneakers, holey jeans, low cut shirts, or anything with words on it. The employer is not going to care if you look hot, they just want someone who cares enough about getting the job to dress nice to the interview. You want to look clean, presentable, and appropriate. I wore a button down with nice jeans and flats. The only mistake I made was keeping my nose ring in, which my manager commented on later. Don’t make your piercings/tattoo’s visible!

2. Connect with who you’re talking to.

Even if that means completely kissing their ass. If they try to be funny, laugh, and if they share something with you, appreciate what they say. Make perfect eye contact, don’t let your eyes wander around the room when you’re talking!

3. Look relaxed.

Sit up straight with you’re hands on your lap, and away from you’re face. Don’t talk too much, or get fidgety. Again, another mistake I made that I was called out on later.

4. Answer your questions well.

After the employer asks you the question, give yourself a second to think about what you’re going to say. If you don’t know what to say then usually the first thing that comes to your mind will work, because it’ll be the most honest answer. But also when you answer, sugar coat it a little-but not too much otherwise you won’t stand out from all the interviewees.The main questions you’ll be asked are “How will you contribute to the workplace?” and “Where do you see your future here at ______?” Another tricky one I got asked does “What is cooperation and teamwork mean to you?” Go into the interview knowing how to answer those, and basic things like hours and what you want to put on your W-4 forms.

5. Don’t psych yourself out.

Remember, THEY need YOU. You are doing them a favor by coming in, because they have “Help Wanted” for a reason. You’re just as good as anyone else, and if you want it enough, you can get the job. Don’t freak out too much, or you’ll be a nervous wreck. Go into the interview with a good attitude, and a smile.

Hope this helps you out! Good luck kittens! :)

Summertime things.

May 11, 2012

Summer, by far, is the best season there is. It’s like having a day off everyday (unless you’ll be working, :/ like me) to do whatever you want. Most people have fun for like the first three weeks of summer, then they start getting bored. There are so many things to be excited for summer!

What summer means to me:

Camping, pink lemonade, neon/pastel nail polish, swimming pools, sleeping in, road trips, summer nights, Elitches days, cute sunglasses, messy hair, picnics, short shorts, tanning, sundresses, blue skies, ice cream, warm rainstorms, pink sunsets, painted toes, strapless anything, homemade popsicles, daylight savings, adventures to beautiful places, having a summer love (<-stay tuned for this post!), froyo, the park, bright bikinis, wavy hair, best friend adventures, braids, freshly mowed grass, eating outside, fruity perfume, 4th of july, barbecues, ice cold drinks, never being cold, sandals, no makeup, warm breezes, feet in the water, taylor swift songs, driving with the windows down, days to

yourself, The Last Song, light-faded jeans,  country music, tie dye, ripped up jeans, sun tea, mybirthday ;) highlights, no school, Water World, sports games, downtown, living in your flip flops, maxi dresses, days @ the lake, kite flying, water kisses, concerts, sleeping with sheets, bare feet, taking pictures,movies all day, lazy days > school days, summer bucket lists, Arizona tea, having time to read books, summer dates, parties without time limits, sun freckles, exercising outside. . . doing ANYTHING outside, laying on warm sidewalks, doing everything in a bikini, smores’s, cool sheets, belly rings, crop tops, window shopping, clear breeze, air conditioning, trampolines, guitar-everyywhere, soft legs, loud music, hammocks, picking flowers, long walks, doing nothing, big sunhats, laying under the sun, double sleepovers, hiking, & not having a care in the world (:

Have a LazyHazyCrazy summer SCKittens!

When things don’t go how you thought they would.

April 25, 2012


Every now and then you’ll have one of those times where you reallyy look forward to something, and it somehow doesn’t work out. Plans might be ruined because of a flaky guy or friend, which does happen sometimes, but how you handle those situations is up to you. However, if you’re constantly getting disappointed you need to take a look and see if it’s really worth it to be in that kind of a relationship.

ImageBeing disappointed is a horrible feeling because most of the time no one can fix you, so your left alone to feel shitty about everything. I hate having to mope around when I get let down, so I try to cheer myself up somehow. I get soo upset when I look forward to something and get let down. I used to hide myself away in my room and feel sorry for myself for a few hours, which actually only wasted the day more. Making yourself more upset about the situation only makes things worse, and could probably cause unnecessary drama. The best thing to do when you’re caught in a situation like that is to handle it differently.

 Based on when you get the bad news, give yourself between 20 minutes to a half hour to feel shitty about it. Complain to all your friends about how bad you’re feeling and listen to all those sad songs that describe your feelings in that moment.

After that, do your best to make your day better for yourself!Image.

ImageOpen the curtains in your room extra-wide, and open the window so the cool air comes in. Sunlight makes any day feel more fun. Put happy music on and work on something that’s gonna need concentration like painting, reading, or writing.


Clean your room so it’ll feel like a comfy environment that you’ll want to stay in. I’ve found that vacuuming helps alot, it makes everything look and feel cleaner. (plus if you have a big room it can be a workout, so burning off some of those negative feelings will help you feel better.) Organizing stuff is how I get my frustrations out in a good way. I’m weird though, lol. 

ImageMake some kind of juice. Not soda! Something about making the drink then actually drinking it is nicer than just opening up a can of sugar that will make you feel lazy in an hour, Try lemonade or tea, a smoothie, even Kool Aid, and go drink it in your clean room.


Eat healthy food for good energy too, instead of eating your feelings out on junk food. Plus, eating better sorta boosts your mood since you know you’re doing something good for yourself.

Maybe turn your smoothie or lemonade into a homemade popsicle. :) Or, freeze some fruit and put in in water or juice like it’s ice, it’s yummy!


Take out your frustrations, outside. Maybe go on a walk! Being alone with your thoughts is sometimes better than telling them to someone else, and being outside is a good change of scenery from being huddled in your room. Go cliff jumping or something, the adrenaline will help you think about something else, and the cool water will refresh you.


Invite a friend over tor hangout with someone. The only person who can really fix your disappointment is the person who caused it, but it’s nice not to be lonely anyway. If not, just cuddle with your stuffed animal or fluffly kitten, mine are like my favorite things when I’m sad, lol.



Focus on yourself. Do things to make yourself feel physically better about yourself that you don’t usually have time to do. Liiiiike painting your toes, washing your face, exfoliating your skin, doing a hair mask (or face), or take a looong bath with candles & stuff.



In the end though, all you can really do to avoid disappointment is to lower your expectations sometimes. It’s better to be surprised about something than getting excited & looking forward to it. If worse comes to worse, just cry your eyes out. There’s something about crying that’s sorta therapeutically helpful I think, cause usually you feel atleast a little better when you’re all done. Anyway, if this is you today, I hope your day gets better :)  now go enjoy your new free time. Remember, everything happens for a reason!Image