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Guess what?!

July 12, 2012
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After many sleepless nights and  82 posts later, I’m excited to say that sparklecupcakekitten has made it through a whole year. When I first started the blog it was more of something to just fill up my time, and it’s crazy to think that all I’m doing now is trying to make time to blog! Be expecting great things this year kittens- I’ve got lots of new things in store. About 3 posts that I’ve been promising forever are still in draft mode, but they’ll be done soon along with a couple new tutorials, one specifically inspired by a frequent SCK reader. I’m also going to start doing giveaways for the stuff I review in the “Reviews” category– so definitely stay tuned for that this year!

What’s become so awesome about SCK this year is all of the people who read it. Ratings have been going up with every post, and the site just broke the record on the 4th of July with 132 views in one day, and 8,657 views of all time in over 17 different countries like Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Poland, and Sweden! That’s crazy to me since I would get excited when I would see that I had 12 views in a day from people on Facebook. Who knows where I’ll be in ten years if things keep going this good!

My readers are really what keep me going though. There’s nothing greater than getting feedback from my followers, and even better-requests on posts you would like to see! It inspires me to keep creating so that SCK can be the best it can be for everyone who enjoys it. I appreciate that you take the time to read sparklecupcakekitten and I hope it inspires you.

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Click below to see SCK’s first ever post! It’s cool to see how much the posts have changed since then. Try going through the categories bin and see all 82 of SCK’s posts! :)

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  1. Julie Jolley permalink
    July 18, 2012 9:51 am

    Congratulations Kiona! I’m so very proud of you!! I am so glad we were finally able to meet you and Kayla and your mom….You are so AWESOME!!!! DO THEY USE THAT WORD ANYMORE ?

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