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Grow long, pretty, (healthy) hair.

July 12, 2012

I love  because it looks good on almost everyone and is really fun to style. You can make pretty mermaid waves or have a cute ponytail and whatever else. Long hair is just more fun and girly I think. It’s hard to grow your hair long though because you have to make sure you keep it healthy or it won’t grow. Also what I’ve heard that some people don’t have the genes to grow long hair so if you’ve been trying for a while and nothings working for you then it might not be your fault. My hair was about shoulder length in middle school and I have been growing it out ever since. After about 6 years and several haircuts later my hair reaches down to my lower back. I love it! SCK reader Anna requested that I share how I grew my hair long and what hair products and all that, so here you go:

I shower as much as I can, so almost everyday, because I have thin straight hair. It gets greasy after a day or two and looses it’s shine easily. I’ve learned not to use shine spray because it just make your hair look even more greasy! (it’s basically oil) I apply all the “keep it healthy” products to my hair after I let it air-dry to the point where it’s still damp, but not completely dry. I always rinse my shampoo and conditioner out with almost ice cold water (it sucks, but actually reallyy helps hair) and blow dry it on the “cool” setting. I brush it every night before bed, especially when I tease it. Teasing isn’t that bad I don’t think, as long as you take it out carefully. I have to tease my hair sometimes because it falls so flat on my head somedays.

AUSSIE hair products are my favorite! (as you can probably tell from some of my other posts.) They all smell really good, and work exactly how they say they will and how I want them to. The best part: Each product is under $5! And is sold at like any store you go to. The 3 minute miracle deep conditioner saved my hair..use it once or twice a week in your shower and your hair will feel sleek and moisturized-with no static! :) The conditioner is amazing too, it’ll become the best part of washing your hair because you’ll notice how much it helps it! I use “aussome volume” (they offer several types) because it helps my naturally straight hair from falling completely flat on my head while keeping it soft as well! The pump is easy to use in the shower and you get more of it for your buck.

To make your curls hold for a long time, make sure you use flexible hairspray. Seems like that doesn’t make sense, but extra-hold or “freeze” hairsprays just make your curls look crunchy and lifeless. The flexible hairspray keeps your curls light and shiny! And make sure you always shampoo (aussie moist) your hair because it needs the vitamins from the soap! Besides, dirty and greasy hair is never attractive.

If you ever use anyy heat products on your hair like curling irons or straighteners make sure you use protection! Abusing your hair is the #1 way you will lose your shiny hair! It will get crunchy and start splitting into a million different hairs (bad.). Use the split-end protector pump (the small one) in damp hair along with leave-in conditioner and the hair insurance spray to make sure your hair stays protected all day long. They all will also help from getting static-y hair.

If you use all these products everyday you will notice a difference in your hair, I promise! The trick to long hairs to keep your split ends trimmed and to protect your hair. My mom also says eating lots of jell-o helps ;) Remember, long hair takes time! Took me 6 years about..haha. Good luck kittens!

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