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Relationship peeves.

March 9, 2012
When you’re in a relationship it can bring out the best in you-and the worst. Usually if you’re doing these things you won’t really notice it on your own, it takes something like a friend to telling you for you to realize it. So think of reading this post as me being that friend (: Here’s what NOT to do in a relationship;
. . . Repeatedly break plans to hangout with their bf/gf.
I figure this happens cause they feel like their relationship is fragile-whereas you have been friends with them a lot longer. People always hurt the ones they love because they know they will be there until the end. To fix it, just tell them how it made you feel instead of flat out blaming it on them. If you’re guilty of this, make sure you start making time for your friends otherwise you won’t have any left when you’re heart gets broken. (harsh, sorry:/)
. . .CONSTANTLY talk about their bf/gf incessantly.
This drives me INSANE. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than thrilled that you’re happy, but I don’t like your bf/gf as much as you do, so I’m not gonna care about the smallest little things as much as you do. Nothings worse than telling a really personal story about your guy and the next thing you hear is “Oh MY god! *inset name here* does that too! He/she did…blah..blah..blahh.” Not only is it rude, but it’s kinda hurtful. If what you’re going through really is a big deal, I don’t mind helping you through every detail of it. To get them to focus more on you, just start asking them for advice so she can notice the stuff in your life too. If youuuu do this, pay attention to how much you’re talking. If you always jump in with a story about your significant other back off a little and ask someone else a question. The most important part: REALLY LISTEN & CARE.
. . .are always all over each other.
You’re going to a 90 minute class, not to another country-you’ll make it through. I get that you reallyyy like each other, but no one else is getting turned on by your kissing. A peck or little kiss goodbye before you leave is cute, a make out session however is just SO inappropriate. Standing in front of my locker staring into each others soul’s for five minutes is not cute, its annoying. PDA is okay when a certain line is drawn! If this is you, save it for when you two are alone, it’ll mean more then and just don’t act like you’re never going to see each other again . If this is your friend, just try and deal with it, otherwise you’re being annoying! Nothing more pathetic than yelling “PDA!” to a couple-thats what middle schoolers do.
. . .share their love –all over Facebook.
Like: “I love *insert name here* soo much!! <333″ and “So and so is MARRIED to so and so.” –just don’t. I admit, im guilty of doing those, I realize it was annoying, but I was a freshman, so I was naturally annoying. This probably happens because couples are so thrilled about each other that they use it as a way to get attention. If this is you, send a sweet goodnight text or something cuter instead of being so public about everything, it’ll mean just as much. If this is your friend, just unsubscribe from everything. When they ask if you saw their latest post about whatever just say, “No I had to block your posts cause you & whoever were hogging my news feed!” ~Something like that.
. . . always compare their relationship to yours.
It’s mean, and rude. No ones likes always having to pretty much apologize for having a less fortunate relationship. Always complimenting another couple isn’t fun either. Every relationship is different, and in the words of Kat; every person has something beautiful with the person their with and it’s a different kind of beautiful for each person. If this is you; remember there’s no cookie cutter perfect couple out there, so don’t try and shape your relationship like someone elses- you’ll only sabotage it. If this is a friend, ask them why they always feel the need to one you up when it comes to stuff like that, and tell your true feelings!
. . .makeup/breakup every two weeks.
Don’t give me shit for saying that. I know that was me at one point, but everyone has their reasons. I’m not gonna bash too hard on this cause it’s close to home, and it’s not something people chose to do, I guess it just kinda happens. If this is you, from experience all I can tell you to do is to either figure the shit out that’s causing your problems, and if either of you aren’t willing to fix it, end it. Don’t suffocate your friends with your guys’ drama! Dragging it along only wastes the time you could be spending happy. If this is your friend; BE GENTLE. Tell them what they need to hear, but be careful. You don’t want it to backfire.
. . .are super awkward!
We’re not in middle school anymore! It’s okay to be flirty, and have fun. Holding hands isn’t weird! Not talking to each other won’t get your relationship anywhere. If you’re whole relationship is over the internet but you see each other at school everyday, you don’t have a real relationship IMO. If this is you, take more chances and go outside of your comfort zone– it’s fun. If this is a friend, tell them they’re painful to watch. <- lol.
Sorry if I’ve offended anyone for writing this, I feel mean, but honestly, someone had to say it. :)
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  1. March 12, 2012 1:39 am

    I love this.

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