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Things to l o v e about winter!

December 6, 2011

So now that fall is over, we have something new to look forward to! Winter(:


Unless you’re seriously involved in a winter sport usually winter is not something to look forward to. Trust me, i realise there are a ton of downfalls-the icy slick roads, shoveling, no summer clothes..:) but like always, the only way to get through something is to see the best of it. So get excited;

 I love bundling up in layers, a furry coat,photonizta mittens-the works, and going outside toDrops of Jupiter ice skate, sled, or build a snow fort and hearing/feeling the crunch of snow beneath your feet. The crisp air feels nice after being inside a toasty school all day, and there’s something cool about being able to see my breath. Put extra blankets on your bed at night and switch to flannel sheets!glittering_lights on Xanga Heavenly. Start your morning with one of Starbucks’ holiday specials in their seasonal red cups, Tumblrand wear boots so you can feel/hear the crunchy snow beneath your feet. Go build the cutest snowman with your best friend, or start a snowball fight. Lounge around the house in your knee socks and blast some tunes {like the new Breaking Dawn soundtrack!} invest in some footie pajamas and have a Christmas movie marathon. hello winter! - fotoblog enticing w Photoblog.plGet some sparkles and paper and make snowflakes to hang from your ceiling. Buy American Eagle’s new earmuffs with built-in ear buds, {…on myyy wishlist!} Spray Bath & Body Works’ vanilla body spray everywhereopposites always attract ♥ & light cinnamon candles throughout the day. Take your boyfriend ice skating-and purposely ‘forget’ gloves so he can warm your hand up in his coat pocket ;) & just m e l t when you see his nose start to turn pink:) Leave a message on someone’s foggy car window, or make some sugar cookies & leave some cookie dough for yourself! Build a blanket fort and spend the day keeping warm with someone comfy:)nothing beats that.

Christmas is the all time best part of winter of course. And let me tell you– it’s best spent with someone you love! <3 Im not a huge fan of christmas day, but i love the month prior.Smile like you mean it. I do! The spirit in the air is awesome. Go through a small town and notice how pretty everything looks with lights & snow and you’ll see what im talking about. Life is what you make itBlast Christmas music 24/7 on KOSI 101.1! Take a drive with your bff”s around the suburbs to look at the outrageous christmas lights ~dont forget hot coco! Sprinklesucks to suck some crushed pepermint on top with whipped cream for best results ;) Take a walk downtown someplace like Belmar, and windowshop under the lights. Pick out a present for your best friend & wrap it in the cutest, prettiest paper you can find! Dont forget the bow of course! Pretty presesnts look better under the tree & are more fun to open:) When you open yours, do it slow & let the smile come naturally:) ALL GirLs Love Pink{Stay tuned for sparklecupcakekitten’s gift giving gTrueeeeee.........(:uide if you need help with that scenerio.} Decorate your tree with all matching ornaments {something both bee & i have wanted to do!} and be sure to place mistletoe around! :) Buy some seasonal victoria’s secret panties! Check your December horoscope for this month by clicking the link & see if it comes true. My Leo one is INSANLEY accurate!{ } Trueeeeee.........(:Use the Holidays as an excuse to bake, and while your goodies are in the oven send our personalized Christmas cards out to people you looveee! ~add any other things you love; submit to sparklecupcakekitten on facebook!

…December, please be good to me! :)

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