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How to tan without burning.

August 26, 2011

Tumblr After many sunburns, failed experiences, and sun products, ive figured it out. Lots of people at school have been asking me how i got tan, and no people, its not fake! I got my base tan from being in AZ for a couple weeks then i laid out on my roof for about 4 days before school started for about 1-2 hours a day. dominique123's 10th picture on DailyBooth For me, its a bit easier to tan because my native skin tone has more melanin in it than fair skinned people i can stay out in the sun longer without burning. If  you want to be a bronzed beauty read on.

Fair skin-

I think it could be possible for very pale people to tan, but i dont reccomend it. If you’re very white, a tan wouldnt look too natural on you, and its not as safe to be in the sun. [but as we all know, sun tanning isnt safe for anyone.] ☆wink!If you are one of those people you should use fake tanners. There are spray tans & lotions that would work great. Victroria’s Secret offers a lotion where you can create your own shade of tan-so its not overkill. Jergens has a gradual tanning lotion so your tan comes in more natural looking. Laying out in the sun will be difficult for you because your risk of buring is alot higher! So if you do, use an SPF 15+ lotion.

Olive skin-

Since you can be out in the sun longer, you have more options. Hawaiian tropic offers a tanning lotion sunscreen for about $10 at drugstores, with SPF 4 & SPF 7. This product is what worked best on me. It let a tan in while blocking out just enough sun so i didnt burn. If you want to tan faster also use some kind of tanning oil.I sogni sono la mia realtà [hawaiian tropic oil also rocks, & smells yummy!] *important* before you use oil make sure you have some kind of base tan! Otherwise you will forshure burn! I dont think people realise that, & thats why they burn. cookie monsterrr. |♥|

Basic tips on laying out:

Either turn over every 10 minutes, or give your skin a break for an hour or so. Tanning without burning takes paitence! And trust me, even if you get tan from your sunburn, its not worth it! At all! Overexposure is what can ruin your tan, make you burn, cause you to peel, and you will have to start all over.

Reapply sunscreen every 20 minutes. It only lasts that long until you start to burn. Dont worry if your skin gets a little red, it may go away in a half hour or so when your skin cools down & turn tan.

Tan gradually! You will not get tan in one day. Go out for about an hour everyday-dont forget to FLIP OVER!-and thats it. Your tan will build every session.

Wear a bandeau top & itty bitty bottoms! BIGHEARTDIARYTan lines are something to be proud of in my opinion, but they everything will be okay.arent super awesome looking when you want to wear a spaghetti strap. Your tan will look more natural if you cant see the lines. fuck in the taxi

Wear sunglasses! So important! Being in the sun for a long period of time can be bad for your eyes so put on some cute shades.

BE CAFEFUL OF YOUR FACE. My face burns fast, so i use Olay moisturizer with SPF 35 daily. I let my face see the sunlight, but it takes longer to tan.

glitter in my veinsI suggest spray tanning or using darker makeup on your face if your too scared to sunlight tan it. No one looks good with a white face & tan body! Banana Boat’s Summer Color product works good for spray tanning your face, but be careful! It can cause you to turn orange if you use to much!

Beauty tip:

Make your tan look good! Wear neon, pale, or white colors so your skin looks dark against it. Bronzer looks wayy good too! High kicks, high heels.Or shimmer lotion. I just got PINK’s new MAKE ME PINK  lotion in vanilla & orchid. It smells amazing-like fruity!-and has baby flecks of gold in it, which look great on tanned skin! To make your own shimmer lotion just add about a teaspoon of shimmer powder to your lotion, and apply! Thats whay id do before i got my new lotion. Just dont use big glitter flecks of sparkles in it, they look skanky.

Everyone knows tanning is unsafe, and it really is bad for your skin. If you tan alot, i mean ALOT alot, you are at a very high risk of skin cancer-especially you people with lighter skin. .[even if your not doing it in a tanning bed!] Tanning can also cause your skin to get leathery & wrinkly skin prematurely. And, as you get older tanning all the time can make your skin look 10 years older than your friend who doesnt tan. glitter in my veinsIs it worth it? Probably not, but what  I think is when im an old person im gonna be ugly & wrinkly…its a given for everyone. Why not feel beautiful & look good when your young? :) The only thing that freaks me out is the whole skin cancer deal…so be careful! And dont over do it either-orange skin only looks good in Jersey Shore! ;)

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  1. ZachPetree permalink
    August 26, 2011 1:08 am

    You made this whole thing? Dang kiona!
    -Zach (:

  2. Devon permalink
    May 27, 2013 7:58 pm

    Your a great write keep going

  3. ray permalink
    December 22, 2013 7:04 pm

    Very useful lol but why does my face not tan as much as my body?

  4. chelsea permalink
    January 18, 2015 6:42 pm

    Why would you want to look sixty when you are 45 when you can look 30 instead? Take care of your skin, you’ll be old much longer than your young.


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