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Guy best friends.

August 1, 2011

Girl bestfriends are defly nessicary too, so you can do all the things that guys wouldnt do. But your guy best friend, (GBF),  is pretty much you-in guy form. Pretty much. You like most of the same things as eachother & you do alot of the same things too.  There are about 3 different types of GBF’s. Hey isn’t this easy? story of my life - big girls dont cry#1:Flirty GBF; the one who you can flirt with, mess around with, & tease,-but you arent under any pressure for a realtionship because  it just isnt like that. Most of the time thou, girls fall for their  flirty GBF’s. If you do, then great! Theres probably no one better that you could have fallen for. Tumblr_kv5vmdcer51qayfa7o1_500_large

Watch “You Belong With Me” by Taylor Swift (: it has a cute way of showing this. And yes, it is possible to have a dude as a bff-and not fall in love with them. That would be #2:GBF who always has your back. They’re the ones who will: be there for you when you need someone to call at 2 AM, give their opinion & let you know if the guy you like is dateable, listen to you rant on about that jerk who broke your heart, and be the one who beats him up for hurting you. They’re mostly the same as girl bff’s except they feel they have to protect you at the same time. And then there’s #3: the gay GBF.Lush | 197 фотографий They arent as common, but still just as awesome. Or so i’ve heard, ha. They do most the things a #2 GBF would do, but they are also kind of a mix with your girl bff. A gay bff probably knows alot about style, guy advice, and wont’t mind going shopping with you, even if its for lingere or makeup. They will listen to you when you want to talk about shoes, that cute bag you saw yesterday, or why that guy you went out with was such an idiot.

Falling in love/falling in like- is very common with GBF’s.   I can see how easily it could happen, or how guys might think you like them back because you become so comfortable with each other, that it almost seems rediculous not to like them.  Always the worst: that akward moment when your GBF/ guy friend confesses he loves you. (If you dont like them back that is, otherwise, YAY!!!) Whats frustrating  is when a guy doesnt get that you are being friendly, not flirty. Its like, what gives? I freak out  when i dont like them  back. What do you do then? You l0ve them too much to be mean & reject them! In that situation you have to be completley honest, otherwise you’ll end up screwing things up even more. Trust me.

Also what sucks is when YOU are caught in the friend zone. Sometimes you cant help falling for your GBF, so being rejected by them can also mess things up alot. After you date your GBF or make a big confession that blows up in your face, things are never the same unfortunatley. So be careful how you approach this kind of situation.friends, friendship, love, ship, titantic - inspiring picture on

Its cool when your GBF is also bff’s with your boyfriend. That way he can help you understand your BF and give you advice on how they feel & to approach certain situations. (& vice versa.) Its also nice that one of the most important guys in your life approves of the other important guy in your life. Quick tips: Know your limits & boundaries when it comes to talking about your BF to them, cause sometimes the bro code comes before the girl/boy friendship code. Aaaand, be sure you arent taking away too much time with your BF away from your GBF.

Lucky for me i have myyy GBF Scott. (and NO i do NOT like him for all you people out there who constantly think so). We can  do all the best friendy things that people do without any pressure. He’s prolly a mix between a #1 and #2 GBF. I hope you realise having a GBF is fucking awesome.You should feel lucky that you have one as cool as yours. You can trust them because they won’t turn on you like most girls will, and they aren’t as judgemental. (: He may be one of the best guys you will ever meet, so keep him close!

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