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Why you should love your single status.

July 31, 2011

 So, your single? Cool. (:


is not a status, it is a word that describes a person who is strong enough to live & enjoy life without depending on others.

If your single, its just cause your too sexy for the rest of the world. Lmao (: I hear all the time “When im single i cant find anybody, but when im taken everyone wants me.” According to my bff brianna,  the time when someone good comes around is when you’re okay with being single. Which kinda sucks, & mostly true,  but what she means by this is you cant go out and look for someone. You have to let it happen. People probably want you even though your not in a relationship too, you just dont care as much because you arent with someone.
Usually, i hate being single. Yeah, it sucks not having someone to cuddle or talk on the phone to. Having someone who cares about you just as much as you care about them is awesome. Being in love with someone is 10x better. Being in a relationship is always nice & a single status has its Cons, but also alot of Pros. For instance:

¤You can flirt with anyone you want. Well kindof. If a guy likes you-but you dont wanna date him-you cant flirt with him. (according to scott…a.k.a-love doctor) Apparently thats how you lead someone on. Imo, theres nothing wrong with a Flirtationship– [more than a friendship, but less than a relationship] cause there’s not alot of pressure, & its still fun. But innocent flirting is still fun.

¤Dont lock yourself in your room and act like youve been hit with the plague. Acting like your the victim all the time doesnt do you any good okay? If you are lonely & depressed; grab your pet & find a good cuddle spot & read the book 14,000 Things to Be Happy About. Yep(: its a real book! Dude honestly, just enjoy yourself. Celebrate being alone. Do something you enjoy. Preferably i like to light a pretty candle, get out my sketchbook & or a book, put on a movie, and paint my nails. Being single means you get more time to yourself, which we could all use right?

¤You can spend more time with your friends! When your in a relationship sometimes your friends get pushed to the side a bit because your hanging out with your bf/gf all the time. Now is the time to have sleepovers, party, & just enjoy the fact that you have cool people to have fun with no matter what! They are the best people to talk to & help you through a break up. Trust me, itd be impossible without them.

¤No pressure. No fighting. No crying. No jealousy. If there’s not a guy/girl to affect your feelings, youuu are more in control of them. You can do what you want, to please yourself. Its not bad to think of someone else, but its nice not having to hold yourself back or change yourself for someone.

 My main point is that being single kinda rocks. Soak it up! And when the time is right for you someone amazing will come into your life. Learning more about yourself will help you be better when it comes to being with someone else. Your single because you havent found someone who deserves you. Theres nothing wrong with having a long standing relationship with fun & freedom! Remember: just cause your single, it doesnt have to mean your available (:

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