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Justin, wherever you are, i hope to see you again.

July 17, 2011


Went to water world today with my cousin for his birthday(: what a day. It was the best of times! Although, i had a near death experience in the wave pool. Scariest time of my life. I almost drowned because i got in the water too deep & couldnt touch the ground. The waves kept coming though, and i couldnt get back up for air! Two large waves hit me and i sware if i hadnt swallowed that water & swam away as fast as i could i would have died. I dont remember the details very well but i remember being walking away gasping for air. My throat still burns of salt water. The day got better thou. So much better…(: basically i met the guy of my dreams today. His name was


Okay, i dont want to get all creepy about this or anything but i sware, there was nothing wrong with this guy. He was the full package. Perfect eyes embellished with the longest eyelashes ever. His smile was perfect too- dimples & all + straight pearly white teeth. I melted every time he flashed it at me. Even the Abs, & the not so white skin. He was honey tan(: with theee best hair. He was holding a younger boy up helping him swim in the water, prolly around the age of 6 or 7, which was adorable. He even had a tattoo on his shoulder which i dont normally like, but in this case it was so hot. We met in the wave pool. He was the one who was smiling at me first. I left the wave pool,

“Leaving so soon?”

I told him to come with me, but he just smiled and nodded his head at me. Later i went back, & I was floating in a tube. Eventually he made his way over to me. He asked what my name was. We kept getting hit with waves, but i managed to tell him my name is Kiona. He said,

“Thats really pretty” as he smiled at me-melting my heart.

We got hit with a couple more waves, and he said his name is Justin. So hot.

“Nice to meet you Jusin.”

We hungout for a while, with his two other friends-Jake(: & two others-also very cute. A big wave hit us and i slid off my tube. Jake held on to the tube and they helped me get back on. They left to go warm up afterwards, and they said they hope they see me & kayla again before they leave. It was genuinley sweet. Kayla and i waited around in the pool for a while, but soon enough closing time came around. I wish so bad i would have gotten his number, last name or atleast something. If you know anyone whose 17, lives in New Mexico, &  moving to Colorado Springs LET ME KNOW. (:Man. He was the real deal. I know it! Hes not some teenager just trying to get a chick. He was genuinley nice. And cause, i looked like shit. I had no makeup on, and my ponytail was dripping wet. Not to mention i had a minor sunburn on my face. but he appprached me anyway. That means alot when a guy doesn’t pick you just because of how you look, when they base it on how you seem as a person. I am so happy that i got to enjoy meeting him while it happened, but i also have a dark cloud feeling that i will never see him again. Who knows, maybe someday i will. (:but it really was the best of times.

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