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Tutorial: How to do a pretty blowout with your straightner.

June 5, 2014

I have fairly long hair so it’s hard to do a blowout with a round brush since I have more hair than the brush can hold. I’ve had it done pr0fessionally done before so I know it’s possible, but it took a good 25 minutes for the lady to get it perfect. I’ve figured out a way to do it in less than 15 minutes, without a hair dryer! And it’s super easy and will look good on all lengths of hair. If you do this method it will also give your hair a lot of volume and body :)

So for this tutorial you will need your straightener obviously, some hair ties, some bobby pins, hairspray (I prefer flexible hold), a heat protectant, and split end spray.

Your first step is going to be to prep your hair. You want to start with clean, dry hair. Spray the heat protectant all over, and spritz the split end sealer on your ends. This part is  important because you don’t want the styling products to make your hair dry and less silky when you’re done, and you will be focusing a lot on the ends. Next, part your hair and separate it into sections. I do my bottom layer first, and pin the rest of  my hair back.

Next, take a one inch section of hair and lightly & carefully tease the root at the base of your head. If you have very heavy and thick hair you may want to skip this part.

Take your one inch section of hair and run your straightener through it,  turning it towards you VERY slowly so your hair forms a curl at the tip. While your hair is still hot, wrap it into a circle and pin it in place. The tighter the loop the tighter the wave.

Steps seven and eight are just to show you how your ends should look when you curl the bottom of them. Step nine is what you will look like with all the loops pinned up. You can get dressed or do your makeup while you let your hair cool and set. After a little while just carefully take out the bobby pins and run your fingers through your hair. Flip your hair over your head and spray it with hairspray, then flip it to the front and spray again. Then you’re done! :)

This look is super pretty and natural looking. I wear my hair like this most days because it doesn’t take as much time as curling it, but it still has lots of volume. I like to pull my hair back into a ponytail for work when it’s like this too, because it really shows the ends off nicely. Let me know if you try this and if you have any questions! :)


Tutorial: Flower crown.

June 3, 2014

So summer is here, and so is concert season! Flower crowns are perfect pretty headpieces for any type of hair, and especially with summer dresses and flowy tops. I wanted to make one to wear in a picture I made for Stu’s shadowbox for his birthday. I’ve been seeing them around a lot lately, and I think Lana Del Rey has something to do with that.  It was super easy and not too time consuming!


Difficulty: Medium-hard, but not too time consuming.
✿Time: 30 minutes
✿What you need: silk flowers, wire cutters, floral tape, floral wire
1. Materials wise you can use any types of flowers that you want! I chose more petite flowers because it fit better with the look I was going for, but if you want to do a more dramatic look I would suggest using some larger flowers like roses or peonies!
2. Your first step is going to be measuring your head with the floral wire. Just wrap it around your head as loose or as tight as you want, and secure with a twist.
3. Next, cover your wire with green floral tape. You want to do it in a downwards, sideways twist. This is surprisingly easier said than done. Taping wire with floral tape well is something that comes with lots of practice-but if yours isn’t perfectly tight don’t fret since most of the headband will be covered with flowers anyway.
4. Now you’re going to prepare your flowers. Take a piece of your wire and push it through the very top of the flower near the petals. Fold one side of the wire down, and twirl the other side around the stem leaving at least an inch of wire coming off of the stem. Wrap each stem with floral tape just like you did with the wire circle.
5. Take the one inch of wire and twist it around your wire circle. Secure with more wire. Continue this process with all of your flowers. This will be your most time consuming part! Once you get all your flowers attached, you may notice your crown feels flimsy. If you want it stronger, just secure the flowers more by weaving more floral wire in between them. Finish the whole thing by covering any exposed wire with floral tape. And you’re done! :)
If you do end up making any floral crowns, show me pictures! I would love to see them. What flowers will you use? Where will you wear yours? :)
P.S.-Sorry about the horrible photo quality..someday I’ve have an amazing photographer to take my photos!

It’s been a while. . .

September 5, 2013


The past year was packed for me-it was my senior year after all-so I was busy with so much that I somehow didn’t have time to jump on the computer and make a few posts. But this new life of being graduated, eighteen, in College, (!!!) and more independent gives me more free time to do more of what I l o v e. .like making more posts on SCK!

Here’s a little re-cap:

It’s safe to say Senior year wasn’t all that they say it’s cracked up to be. Here’s the worst highlights that ruined the year; I got betrayed by my best friends, cheated on, and had lots of issues with my school’s administration. That probably happens to every girl in high school, but it was very life-changing.


I dropped those friends and surrounded myself with genuine people who truly care about me, which made me a way happier person in general. Also, after going through that rough patch with my boyfriend we were able to improve our relationship in ways that I never thought was possible! We are now living together very much in love & happy, and stronger than ever. On top of that, even with constant harassment and several too many trips to the principals office, I managed to graduate from Conifer High School. I’m now continuing my education at Front Range Community College majoring in Business, but for now I’m studying Western Civilizations, AP English, Children’s Literature, and Floral Design. I’ve moved out and started a life of my own! :) Lots has changed, (and I have faced more problems than ever before in my life!) but from it all I have gained lots more knowledge and wisdom. I’m happier, older, and starting over, (I also have 10x more free time!) so  I can’t wait to start creating & sharing more on Sparklecupcakekitten !

I’ve re-vamped the site a little, but I write the posts and add pictures on my laptop so I apologize for a glitches or if anything looks different on your mobile phone. The option to view SCK’s standard non-mobile version is available for most iPhones & Androids at the bottom of your screen. Bye for now! (:

More favorite fall things.

September 22, 2012

ImageSoft curls,  dark nail polish Pumpkin Spice latteswarm boots,  big sweaters,  Slatkin & CO candles, tiny earringsHoney Autumn Apple spray,  dark jeans,  thick lotionseyeshadowold memories,  SCK’s cozy fall afternoon playlist,   cuddlingthicker coats,  bulky blankets,  crisp airlace leather belts,  braids,  chilly kisses,  tall socks,  homecoming,  lazy days,  colorful trees.



Grow long, pretty, (healthy) hair.

July 12, 2012

I love  because it looks good on almost everyone and is really fun to style. You can make pretty mermaid waves or have a cute ponytail and whatever else. Long hair is just more fun and girly I think. It’s hard to grow your hair long though because you have to make sure you keep it healthy or it won’t grow. Also what I’ve heard that some people don’t have the genes to grow long hair so if you’ve been trying for a while and nothings working for you then it might not be your fault. My hair was about shoulder length in middle school and I have been growing it out ever since. After about 6 years and several haircuts later my hair reaches down to my lower back. I love it! SCK reader Anna requested that I share how I grew my hair long and what hair products and all that, so here you go:

I shower as much as I can, so almost everyday, because I have thin straight hair. It gets greasy after a day or two and looses it’s shine easily. I’ve learned not to use shine spray because it just make your hair look even more greasy! (it’s basically oil) I apply all the “keep it healthy” products to my hair after I let it air-dry to the point where it’s still damp, but not completely dry. I always rinse my shampoo and conditioner out with almost ice cold water (it sucks, but actually reallyy helps hair) and blow dry it on the “cool” setting. I brush it every night before bed, especially when I tease it. Teasing isn’t that bad I don’t think, as long as you take it out carefully. I have to tease my hair sometimes because it falls so flat on my head somedays.

AUSSIE hair products are my favorite! (as you can probably tell from some of my other posts.) They all smell really good, and work exactly how they say they will and how I want them to. The best part: Each product is under $5! And is sold at like any store you go to. The 3 minute miracle deep conditioner saved my hair..use it once or twice a week in your shower and your hair will feel sleek and moisturized-with no static! :) The conditioner is amazing too, it’ll become the best part of washing your hair because you’ll notice how much it helps it! I use “aussome volume” (they offer several types) because it helps my naturally straight hair from falling completely flat on my head while keeping it soft as well! The pump is easy to use in the shower and you get more of it for your buck.

To make your curls hold for a long time, make sure you use flexible hairspray. Seems like that doesn’t make sense, but extra-hold or “freeze” hairsprays just make your curls look crunchy and lifeless. The flexible hairspray keeps your curls light and shiny! And make sure you always shampoo (aussie moist) your hair because it needs the vitamins from the soap! Besides, dirty and greasy hair is never attractive.

If you ever use anyy heat products on your hair like curling irons or straighteners make sure you use protection! Abusing your hair is the #1 way you will lose your shiny hair! It will get crunchy and start splitting into a million different hairs (bad.). Use the split-end protector pump (the small one) in damp hair along with leave-in conditioner and the hair insurance spray to make sure your hair stays protected all day long. They all will also help from getting static-y hair.

If you use all these products everyday you will notice a difference in your hair, I promise! The trick to long hairs to keep your split ends trimmed and to protect your hair. My mom also says eating lots of jell-o helps ;) Remember, long hair takes time! Took me 6 years about..haha. Good luck kittens!

Guess what?!

July 12, 2012
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After many sleepless nights and  82 posts later, I’m excited to say that sparklecupcakekitten has made it through a whole year. When I first started the blog it was more of something to just fill up my time, and it’s crazy to think that all I’m doing now is trying to make time to blog! Be expecting great things this year kittens- I’ve got lots of new things in store. About 3 posts that I’ve been promising forever are still in draft mode, but they’ll be done soon along with a couple new tutorials, one specifically inspired by a frequent SCK reader. I’m also going to start doing giveaways for the stuff I review in the “Reviews” category– so definitely stay tuned for that this year!

What’s become so awesome about SCK this year is all of the people who read it. Ratings have been going up with every post, and the site just broke the record on the 4th of July with 132 views in one day, and 8,657 views of all time in over 17 different countries like Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Poland, and Sweden! That’s crazy to me since I would get excited when I would see that I had 12 views in a day from people on Facebook. Who knows where I’ll be in ten years if things keep going this good!

My readers are really what keep me going though. There’s nothing greater than getting feedback from my followers, and even better-requests on posts you would like to see! It inspires me to keep creating so that SCK can be the best it can be for everyone who enjoys it. I appreciate that you take the time to read sparklecupcakekitten and I hope it inspires you.

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Girl best friends.

July 7, 2012

Tanning together, skyping each other, going to new places with each other, baking together. Texting when you’ need to vent, or when you’re just bored. Sharing a bed when you sleepover, understanding each other, having someone to count on, singing bad together, laughing uncontrollably. Having someone text for you, cover for you, comfort & take care of you. Having a million things in common, going shopping, having someone know pretty much everything about you. Having someone to buy stuff for and give nicknames, keeping up on the same TV shows, looking bad in front of them.Seeing them every other day in summer, having someone to listen to you,  sharing things with them, always having someone to call, cute friend  pictures, making new memories. Having conversations  that no one else understands, sharing clothes and doing each other’s hair. Listening to the same music, having the same opinions about people, having someone to hangout with at school or when you feel lazy. Looking like crap and still having fun, and being truly honest with someone.

 Now only if they could be your next door neighbor.. :)